What we do

Handmade Carpets:

Mostly made in Middle East countries by hand. One hand knotting carpet takes long time to do it. Just as an idea; a good quality carpet 200cmx300cm takes one year of work of two people. This very difficult work has a lot of things to know.

If you stop to our shop one day, we will inform you with pleasure. As each hand made carpet is a unique piece, we give a certificate. If you are interested on one of them, please contact us by our Contacts page or just visit our Carpets page or visit our shop which is located 500 meters to SHAPE.

Carpet Cleaning:        

We do carpet cleaning First we re-dust the carpets and find out the best shampoo and with a special carpet washing machine. We clean and dis-infect them, the freche of the carpets we do clean by hand. Dry up with stretching, put it in a plastique packet before to handle them to you.

This takes min one week to two weeks of time.. The cost is in between 15 to 25 € per m2, of course always depend on the carpet and it's quality.

Carpet Repearing:

In respecting the original of the carpet we also do carpet repairing. Immediate quotation will be supplied as soon as we inspect the defected carpet.

S.H.A.P.E. Plates & Coins:        

We do SHAPE Plates and all kind of coins in any size and design.


We do Engraving
With hand - diamond & laser cut
Brass plates
Trophies & cups
Tankards & flasks beer & coffee cups
Glass - Crystal - Plexy... Etc.

Gift Items:        

Mostly military awards we have a lot of gift items in our shop. See a few pictures from inside of our shop to have an idea.


We do all type of Trodat stamps.
The price is between 20,00 € up to 40,00 €

Card visits:        

We do card visits with barcodes in a plastic packet.
Please contact us for the price.