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we have a lot of possibilities, see a few saples we have done before.
A nice plate with presentation box & a brass plate for engraving.
A round wood plaque with nations coin and engraving plate
Retirement Case
Eagles & a glass plate
A nice award.
A "Wood Frame" for what ever you like to put in.
A Nice Plate with Belgium Map Coins and Engraving
Czech Crystal Whisky Decanter with two glasses in a very nice presentation box
Pewter clock with coin and engraving
A wood frame with a picture and engraving
Any Type of Cups & Trophies
A nice eagle 28 cm high
One of the standard SHAPE Plate.
A plate with laser print
one of the wood base & section shield with engraving
A sample of laser engraving
A nice SHAPE plaque with a long text.
A very nice frame work.
A crystal plate with SHAPE crest and text
SHAPE Coin (125mmX3mm) with laser or brass engraving.
a A nice crystal plate decorated.
A nice silver tray.
a nice ceramic mug with 30 nations flags.
SHAPE coin with presentation box.
A glob with your own design and text.
A nice special order frame.
A very nice wood plate with section coin and 40 national flags.
A ver nice awards
The items, we can put a photo inside ...
The items we can design inside any way you wish.
A super plate with a brass coin
3 sizes pure silver boats
A super frame with and nations coin and engraving plate
Frame with inside items
Different items.
Silver Plate with Coin and Engraving
A nice plate with coin & engraving
Wooden Case ( Special made ) with engraving
Wooden frame with a picture and Engraving
Wood Frame with two flags ( Broded) and Engraving
Cart Visits with Bar Code
A special made wood frame
A Crystal Decanter with Engraving
A very nice Pure Crystal Plate with a presentation box
A nice eagle and engraving.
A nice gift from Belgium
A very big trophie and engraving
3 Nice Pewter tankards + 1 pewter flask & Engraving
A few samples
A nice special order.
Your own design can be laser engraving on whatever you wish.
Wood Frame with two flags (broded) and engraving
Caffee Cup with a design
A very nice antique finish coin 125mm x 5mm thick.
"Mons Monkey" follow you wherever life takes you.
650th Design ( Broded.)